Aya no 4 shotgun review forum, Because of this there are plenty Aya no 4 shotgun review forum, Because of this there are plenty of beautiful antique shotguns available for you to buy, collect and admire. A great looking used gun from the famous Spanish makers. I'm positive that it is just a Model 4. The Anson & Deeley action, the most These are bored 3-inch magnum and proofed to 1200kg, so good for most 12-gauge loads. 4/53. #8 · Aug 22, 2011. 5k you can do better (I don't think you can find one for less than 3. The AYA#2 sidelock is one of the best values out there. It has good proportions and sensible dimensions – a length of pull of 14 ¾”, drop at 1 ½” and 2 1/8” and a bit of cast for a right hander. I would call an My current collection is proof that you don't need to spend big money to have fun shooting. I am looking at picking up a Spanish SxS in 20 gauge for a quail gun and I have it narrowed down to a few different AyA guns. com Seller: AYA No. One small photograph showing no information is not enough to identify which model you have . y. aya no 4 game 12 gauge side by side 26’’ cerakoted barrels 1/2 & 1/2 chokes AyA Best Quality boxlock. This month is a little different as the gun — an AYA No 1 — is one that I asked to review, having seen it at the shooting school and at a number of gun trade events in the hands of its owner No. Side by Side Boxlock Ejector. I believe that they were made for the Spanish market prior to the massive UK imports commencing in the 60s and were the pre-cursor to the Nos. /my shotgun is a 12bore witch has 28inch barrels,ejectors,straight hand stock with brass oval inlay,double triggers,on the action I have 2screws and 2 pins but no locking screws, on the action AYA No 4 12 Gauge with 28" barrels. Charles Smith-Jones reconsiders the AYA No 1, Category Shotguns. Available in calibres 12, 16, 20 & 28-bore and . It's also smaller than the Steam Deck . By Its a really nice gun, well finished and the clunk on closing similar to fine English gun. It is The two most popular and in our opinion relevant shotguns of the AYA collection are the No. 410 Gauge. It stands as the highest production sidelock The styling of the No. 410. Standard 4/53 from the AyA website. Toggle navigation MENU Category - AYA - Aguirre y Aranzabal Shotguns - Shotguns - . At about $8,500, an AYA Model 53 sidelock side by side (available in 12, 16 and 20 bore) arrives with full scroll engraving on a case-hardened receiver, double articulated triggers, grade 2 wood and gold-washed Category Shotguns. Known in the UK as the "Best Quality Boxlock", it is AYA's boxlock equivalent of their I have read everywhere and watched a lot of YouTube videos about how AyA has always been a good quality gun, especially for the money. AYA Fine Guns Side By Side Shotguns for sale. 4 boxlock action. Initial impressions are good; the lines are elegant, the scroll engraving Price as reviewed: £17,000. 1 at £8,159; and the top-of-the-range No. Charles Smith-Jones reconsiders the AYA No 1, Description. They are a nice light weight gun suitable for upland hunting. This beautiful example hasn’t had much use over the years as you can see by the pictures. I was close. 5k). Calibre 12 Bore/gauge. The meticulous fit and finished of this beautiful Spanish double is sure to be the envy of many collectors and shotgunners. That doesn’t mean there aren’t shiny new shotguns for you to get your Since they are made from a single forging, chopper-lump barrels are expensive to make, but they are far more solid when done right. 1 Sideplate shotgun: The range of options available really is extensive. Davey & Son. Shotguns. The Royal side-by-side was released by Holland and Holland in 1885 and the design has remained virtually unchanged since the 1800s. Your goal is to vibrate the action. The barrels are currently at Kirby the gunsmith getting the chokes opened to IC/Mod and the forcing cones lengthened. 2 and3/4 chambers, will take standard steel shot just fine and If you decided to sell it a year or 2 down the line you 233 posts · Joined 2015. September 23, 2010. 4 DELUXE BOXLOCK 20 GAUGE SIDE-BY-SIDE SHOTGUN Description: 27" BARRELS, SKEET AND IMPROVED CYLINDER, 2-3/4", DOUBLE TRIGGERS, STRAIGHT HAND GRIP, SPLINTER FOREND, CHECKERED BUTT, 5 LBS 13 OZ, 1-1/2" DAC, 2-1/4" DAH, 14-5/8" LOP Spanish made 20 gauge scalloped back It is what AYA calls a disc set striker, which means the firing pin is retained by a little threaded gizzy that screws into the receiver face. A sidelock in the classic style, the Premium almost oozes tradition. hand detachable locks. It has a classic specification: 28in barrels, double triggers, concave rib, colour hardened, tight rose-and-scroll engraved action, and weighs just over 6. Search, buy and sell Side By Side Shotguns on GunStar today! Reviews. 2 Roundbody 12 bore with 28” barrels choked at 1/4 & 3/4 - a perfect choice for a mixture of driven partridge and pheasant shooting locally or further afield. Pre owned - aya no 4 game 12 gauge side by side 26’’ cerakoted barrels 1/2 & 1/2 chokes ejector £ 425. 4. It is modelled on a Westley Richards boxlock action, brought to Spain by the King brothers. I also know the Deluxe Model 4 has the scalloped receiver. The AYA will likely be the sounder investment. AYA 7392 No 2 Side Lock S/S 12g 26inch Ej. A customer can choose from four or five different bore sizes, barrel length, double or single trigger, rib shape, and chamber length. gunbroker. Game Recipes & Cooking. At the time the cheapest 16-bore for . 4 Boxlock ejector 12G, 28" barrels, 70mm Chambers, 13 5/8" stock, 1/4 and 1/4 AyA Model 3 is a non-ejector boxlock, light border engraving. Cost new From around £15,400 up to £36,786 (Deluxe Round Action model), plus any bespoke work. “The best quality boxlock is the most English of the AyA English range, and arguably the best handling,” Edward King of ASI the AyA importers told me the other day. In this test we are putting an AyA No 4 ‘best quality’ boxlock ejector 20 bore under the spotlight. All of these three basic shotgun designs, beginning with the Aramberri Mach as the first AyA No. a. Why not put the money AyA Best Quality Boxlock No. 4 Side By Side for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. 2 is based on a Holland and Holland design. Highest £ Not enough guns sold in selected period to 2. Factory pair of aya no2, 1 and 2 in gold. Barrels are chopper lump, like nearly all AyAs. Joined: Feb 2016. In this respect, the AyA #1 and the #2 are two completely different guns. Aya shotguns are beautifully made and completely reliable. 2 which came straight from the stock of the West London Shooting School’s shop. 4 in terms of engraving and wood. Time Range This shows the historical advertised prices for similar guns on guntrader. Famed for its well-made and competitively priced sporting guns, which Browse AYA Fine Guns Side By Side Shotguns for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. Stunning AYA No 4 12 bore side by side. AYA LEGEND DE LUXE 20-BORE. Category Shotguns. "The Nº 4 "de Luxe" is AYA's most luxurious boxlock model. 3 or 4 depending whether ejector or non ejector. unscrew the locking screw or screws. com/item/640707577 I looked it up on Comments. The colour case hardened action is not flash, but will appeal to most. 2 at £3,910; the exquisite No. I picked up a model 400 in my favourite gauge The AYA is likely to be a traditional straight hand stock whereas the online gun is a pistol gripped stock, as far as looks goes I find a pistol grip on a side by side looks a bit gash. $1900-3500. turn the gun upside down with one of the lock sides lower than the other make sure you are over a padded surface like a bed or carpet. I had . With all matching numbers. 3. The gun was brought to my attention by Edward King AyA No. 7027 posts · Joined 2009. Model Model no2s facto Mechanism -. The action is a typical box lock design of an Anson and Deeley format, made to look very English in its form. Melbourne Gun Ltd. The engraving pattern on the gun in the picture is known as the "Purdey style engraving pattern" and is found on a variety of guns to include the AyA #56 and the AyA #1. 1/2lb. 2. One cost significantly more than the other to make and as a result sells for a much higher price. the gun number starts 16xxxx and the only information they gave me was made in 1963 and the model is 400 e. 4 Deluxe 410 SxS for sale online. AYA (stands for Aguirre Y Aranzabal) made many (over a dozen) double barrel shotguns. To order Call 01547 529093 or 05603 416575 or email AYA 12 gauge No 4 (Game) Side by Side Shotgun (R/H) - S/H Trade seller - Advertised for 169 days until 28/09/2022 for £395 . The top lever opens the gun and sets the automatic safety, while the action of opening the gun cocks the hammers. 5. The test gun is a 20 bore AyA No. I've wanted a SxS for awhile but didn't want to drop $3-5,000 only to discover I don't like shooting a SxS. 4 Deluxe. The No 3 is a non-ejector, and there is With the rise in popularity of the repeating shotgun following World War II, side-by-sides began to fade, but in the past 20 years doubles have come back and are These are bored 3-inch magnum and proofed to 1200kg, so good for most 12-gauge loads. You don't say what gauge or other features so impossible to value, but These include the popular boxlock No. First impressions of this AYA Premium, a brand-new model, are of glossy barrels, darkly veined walnut and a riot of bold decoration around the action. This is a second hand AYA No. Take gun apart. From the mention of British gunmakers above it leads to the design of these #2 · Oct 9, 2006 According to the AYA website, all the features and specs are the same. The pictures are not very good, so it's tough to eyeball the two. The Matador III, on the other hand, is a heavier ejector gun with American style beavertail forend. Seller's Information When emailing or calling sellers direct, please mention that you saw their listing on GunsInternational. They can be had used for as little as $2500 new as much as $4600. The No. The new firing pin may require fitting if The more powerful Aya Neo Air Pro holds a loftier price tag (starting at $900), but the performance jump is noticeable and the battery life is slightly better. Search, buy and sell Shotguns on GunStar today! Reviews. with the palm of your hand strike the bottom of the action near the hinge pin. 50 results. I assume the Classic 4/53 must have originally been designed for Cabela's as the model is named Cabelas on the AyA website. The action is a typical box lock design of an Anson and Deeley format, AYA shotgun models are generally defined by their numbers. That gizzy has two holes either side of the firing pin hole that receive the pins of the spanner and allow you to remove the threaded gizzy and the firing pin. They were only imported in 1954 and 1955 and sold for $125 in the Wish Book. The 12-gauge chambers are 2¾ inches, and the fixed chokes are Improved Cylinder and Modified, which are ideal for a game gun. I know the 4/53 is the Model 4 with upgraded wood but is there any other way to tell the difference. I bought an AYA Matador 16 ga 28" barrels after discussing it with this forum. Of all the guns his firm imports, Edward has a particular soft spot for this one; I have heard him praise its qualities many times over the years. uk over the selected time period. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Normally when I write reviews for Shooting . Pricing Information. 4 being a boxlock and the No. Price as reviewed: This month’s test gun is an AyA No. Make AYA Fine Guns. It has a plain appearance, but it suits the Yeoman, as the sides have no engraving, except the hinge pin is striated for effect. 14 3/4” from first trigger to centre of butt. #1 · Nov 29, 2020. 2 will cost around £8,000, depending on whether square or round action, and £6,495 in No. The balance of this. AYA No. Lowest £ Average £ from adverts. 1 is the finest gun on the market, but it is very close to the best and it is exceptional value for money,” said The AYA No. My very first gun was a single-shot 12-gauge for no other reason than some unspoken custom that dictated that everyone should begin their shooting career with one. Calibre 28 Bore/gauge. Ned Fall. Cost used Expect to pay upwards of £3,000, but much will depend on age and condition. The engraving is a big let down. £1,150 US$1,425/€1,314. The AyA Model 100s were Sear's attempt to market a double gun rivaling the famous Winchester Model 21 at approximately half the price. Getting a six pound, 12 gauge, side by side shotgun to balance usually requires the butt stock be lightened by drilling out some core wood. Category AYA - Aguirre y Aranzabal Shotguns Shotguns - . Model Nº 1 Round Action featured Purdey-type double underlugs, chopper-lump barrels, 2¾-inch chambers, detachable locks, automatic safety, brass front bead, articulated front trigger, oil-finished fancy-grade walnut and the optional self The Aya Neo Next ($1,415 to start, $1,665 as tested in its "Pro" configuration), is a Windows-based handheld with a ton of storage, and a more recent AMD CPU. The 4/53 is the most common. The AYA No. He can pick different stock and fore-end styles and also choose to have his gun made with a self opening action if the fancy takes We are discussing a specific AYA XXV - one built as an extremely light game gun. I recently found a nice little 20b that is marked and priced as a 4/53 (no box) but has about the uggliest wood that I have ever seen. Mechanism None. I recently The AYA No 3 and AYA No 4 are boxlocks with Anson & Deeley-type actions and built to resemble a Westley Richards gun. 3 & 4. TAGS: Side-by-side shotguns Sporting Gun. Spanish gun maker AYA is part of shooting folklore and anything that comes out of its stable causes much interest. My question is, does #3 · Dec 9, 2012 The price difference between an IU 30 and a 453 is pretty extreme unless you are getting an incredible deal on the AyA. Search, buy and sell Side By Side on GunStar today! Unsurprisingly, the Aya Neo Next’s battery life isn’t great. Values range from a high of $11,750 for one model in 100% condition to a low of $195 for another in 60% condition. 2. AYA’s Model Nº 1 Round Action is closely based on the classic Holland & Holland-style sidelock. Check out Cabelas and New England Custom gun. 4. These can be identified by having shoulders to the action and are often advertised as either a No. 5k now, and the new RBL28 is 3. Riflemeister. 26” Barrels and Full and half choke. As with most gaming laptops and the Steam Deck, you can only really expect a couple of hours of high-intensity play when you’re AyA Best Quality boxlock. The action is machined from a forging (the same Campfire Regular. Posts: 715. AYA No 4 Ref 15333 12g 28" Barrels 2 3/4" Chambers Full & 3/4 A couple of years ago, I purchased an AyA Cabela's Classic 4/53 from the Cabela's Gun Library, it is a very nice gun, my barrels are stamped NECG as being the importer. 4/53, 28" IC/M, 99%, SPECIAL ORDER WOOD. Become a contributor Meet the team. At a shade over 6½lb, it is the right kind of weight for a 20-bore, light enough to have an advantage over a bigger-bore gun Browse AYA Fine Guns 410 Shotguns for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. 4 boxlock. Every now and then a new gun comes on the market that sends ripples of excitement through the shooting community. The shotgun is a classic country weapon that’s been involved in country pursuits for nearly 150 years. I understand the difference between the No. It has travelled widely and shot an awful lot of duck. 1 Deluxe from £14,950 (all including VAT). They all come with fixed chokes but Mike Orlen or Briley can fit chokes for you for a nominal cost no problem. The theory was that one shot would make the shooter really focus on Browse AYA Fine Guns yeoman Shotguns for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. A current Shotgun certificated is required to purchase this item. Even at the base price of 2. 2 being a sidelock and the 4/53 is a higher grade No. From the AyA : The N° 4 has been AYA’s standard boxlock design since 1960. First impressions are of a good-quality, well-finished, game-gun of traditional form. Value: The standard AYA retails at around £17,000 including VAT. 4/53 model at £2,383; the sidelock No. The simplicity and elegance of this design have become something many gunmakers still cling to. So after all this shotgun design by Victor Aramberri, the Aramberri Mach, continued on as the AyA MD 2 (no longer in production, but AyA's current guns are derivatives of the Aramberri) and the Kemen KM-4 (still produced today as the KM-4 Eder). Browse AYA Fine Guns No. “I would be wrong to say the No. Steel and wood merge together to form an aesthetically pleasing, yet wholly practical and well-balanced gun that feels even lighter than its modest 6lb 2oz. A slightly better finished gun than base model. General Specs: AYA, Year 2006, 16 Gauge, 6lbs 8oz, Side-by-Side. This month’s test gun is a 20-bore AyA (Aguirre y Aranzabal) Legend De Luxe over-and-under imported into the UK by ASI of Snape (who also bring in Rizzini guns from Italy and EGE shotguns from Turkey). Dates from 1978 was originally sold by a Gun dealer in Salisbury in 1979. You can't wrong with either model Available in calibres 12, 16, 20 & 28-bore and . I have a couple of light game guns, and both have butt stocks that are mostly empty air. Today prices range from $300 if the seller doesn't know what they are to about twice that or a bit more. 1 is one of classic simplicity, following down the lines of most London Best bar-lock sidelocks, an evolution of design that has rarely, if ever, been bettered. 2's 28-inch barrels are topped with a concave rib. 2 sidelock and the No. sale was a Baikal at a mere £150; the . d/t 28 bore game guns. But I have to admit that, just once, I'd like to buy something a bit less tatty! Posts: 162 Location: York, PA There is a 16 gauge AYA Number 4 Deluxe listed for sale on gunbroker: http://www. **Sale was £2950 now £2850**. In the form tested, with beavertail fore-end, single non-selectrive trigger and the semi-pistol grip, the prices increases to around £20,000 which may sound a lot but the standard of finish really is first class, as is the reputation for reliability. Weighing in at 6lb 11oz, the Legend has 30in barrels with 3in chambers (fleur-de-lys superior steel Browse AYA Fine Guns Shotguns for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. But with all the extras this is a 5k gun and you can get better guns for the money. Trade Seller. First impressions of the test Ugartechea, which has 28” barrels and a classic concave rib, are good. You guys scare me to death sometimes. 4 Boxlock ejector 12G, 28" barrels, 70mm Chambers, 13 5/8" stock, Tracing a hunter’s journey from an unwieldy single-shot 12-gauge through a variety of classic shotguns. Subcategory Side By Side. Model No. It looks like acid etched or pressed and would be better left plain. AYA’s breathtaking Anniversary hammer gun starts at approximately $31,000, less than half the price of the new Purdey Hammer Gun. £ 995. This test concerns an unusual and interesting gun, one of AyA’s finest 20 bore guns with 28” barrels and extra finish. The AYA No 1 sidelock has always been the flagship of the range, modelled closely on the Holland & Price as reviewed: £10,660. Mechanism -. a quick look on the site that much of the trade uses for its used gun sales. Used it the other day to The No. Serial Number: 071-06. AYA Model 25 is a 12 gauge shotgun (Photo: AYA Firearms) The action uses internal hammers and double triggers, and the smooth stock permits the hand to be moved rapidly to shift triggers between shots. 4 is a classic bench-made boxlock with some interesting, quality features. I contacted a. 1 sidelock. Times, different shotguns are on the schedule to test throughout the year. regarding my sxs a.